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Dentures for the Modern World

At Neighborhood Smiles in Belleville, we are aware of the trauma associated with losing one’s natural teeth. In actuality, you are losing a significant aspect of your personality. Thankfully, because to developments in contemporary dentistry, dentures of today are very different from those of the past. You can stop worrying about your teeth and return to enjoying the things that really matter since they are secure, comfortable, and natural-looking.

What Are My Options?

We have a number of alternatives at Neighborhood Smiles; the one that is best for you will be decided after a thorough consultation with your Belleville dentist. Your existing oral health, facial shape, complexion, age, financial situation, and desired results will all be taken into account.

If you still have a few healthy teeth, we will try to save them as long as we can because a partial denture can complete your smile. You will need a full pair of dentures if all of your teeth are missing.

Removable dentures

We will recommend conventional dentures if you have experienced jawbone atrophy or degeneration as a result of tooth loss and are not a candidate for dental implants. Traditional versions are attached to the gum’s surface using a specific denture glue. They will be expertly created using cutting-edge technology to feel, look, and perform exactly like your natural teeth.

Implant dentures

If Dr. Yakowicz finds that your jawbone is healthy enough to support it, dental implants, He’ll advise dentures that are supported by implants. By both patients and professionals alike, this is the tooth replacement option that is most frequently suggested. Dental implants are placed surgically into the gums to act as stabilizing anchors. The most safe and realistic approach to use dentures in place of missing teeth is this. Dental implants also support the maintenance of facial shape and jawbone health.

With modern dentures, you can now take charge of both your oral health and your life! If you would like to ask any queries or schedule a consultation with your Belleville dentist, Dr. Yakowicz at Neighborhood Smiles, give us a call today at (608) 424-3222.