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Dental Crowns

Fit for Royalty

At Neighborhood Smiles in Belleville, you don’t have to have royal blood to get the royal treatment. If you suffer from broken, badly decayed, or missing teeth, we can fit you with custom-made crowns to restore your smile in form and function.

What is a Crown?

A dental crown is a restorative treatment to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth. Today, most of our crowns are made from a beautiful, tooth colored porcelain that blends in seamlessly with your natural teeth.

If you have a tooth that is broken, but still has a good amount of healthy tooth structure remaining, we will do our best to preserve your natural healthy tooth, and place a crown over top to restore it.

If you are missing a tooth altogether, and have a healthy enough jawbone, we can place a dental implant which will serve as an anchor for an entire fabricated tooth, or crown. Implants also help preserve the integrity of surrounding teeth and prevent jawbone deterioration.

Functional benefits

If you suffer from broken or missing teeth, you understand the frustration and embarrassment that comes along with it. It can be difficult to speak normally, and painful to enjoy your favorite foods. A crown can restore your smile back to its fully functioning condition.

Health Benefits

Restoring and replacing missing or damaged teeth is the only way to maintain ideal oral health. When allowed to remain missing or damaged, the surrounding teeth and bite become compromised, and without the support of the tooth root, the jawbone will begin to deteriorate or atrophy. A crown will help maintain optimum oral health.

Cosmetic Benefits

Today, crowns are artfully crafted from tooth-colored porcelain to perfectly match your natural teeth for a seamless smile. No more glaring reminder of unsightly metal dental restorations – porcelain crowns look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth – so all anyone will notice is your beautiful smile.

Take control of your oral health today! If you have any questions about crowns or would like to schedule a consultation with your Belleville dentist, Dr. Yakowicz at Neighborhood Smiles, give us a call today at (608) 424-3222.