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Dental Implants

#1 recommended tooth replacement solution

Dental implants are replacement teeth that actually replace the crown as well as the root of the tooth, to fill the gaps in your smile and improve your entire oral health. If you are missing a tooth, implants are a permanent and functional option. Dr. Yakowicz at Belleville Neighborhood Smiles can safely and professionally restore your smile with dental implants.

How Dental Implants Are Functional & Flexible

Replacing teeth is important because each and every tooth plays a role in your health and happiness. It protects neighboring teeth as well as your jawbone. And, of course, each tooth contributes to your ability to eat well and flash a great smile. You may find many parts of your wellbeing are affected by even just one missing tooth.

While our focus is always on preventative care and maintaining your original teeth, we understand that life happens, and it takes a toll. Dental implants restore what disease, trauma, or decay have taken away. Implants function exactly like your natural teeth and need no special care. You can eat, brush, floss, and talk completely normally with them. Dental implants also need no extra maintenance, unlike dentures or bridges.

Why Implants Are Superior

What sets an implant above other tooth replacement options is its permanent installation. The false root of an implant does the same job as a natural tooth root in terms of stabilizing your teeth and jaw. A healthy jaw supports facial muscles and skin to maintain your appearance. If left untreated, the space of a missing tooth can lead to bone decay in your mouth and pain in your jaw joint.

You have many options when it comes to dental care and tooth replacement. But only a professional dentist will be able to fully consult and advise you. Call us at (608) 424-3222 to make an appointment with Dr. Yakowicz and let our office take care of your smile restoration needs.

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