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Dental Bridges

couple smiling with dental bridges

A Bridge to a New You

Our reputable staff at Neighborhood Smiles in Belleville can fit you with stunning, personalized bridges if you have gaps in your smile due to broken or missing teeth. These bridges can restore both the shape and function of your smile.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are reparative devices that can replace lost teeth and restore your smile to its full, functional state. They are always built to order using highly accurate technology to feel, look, and perform exactly like your real teeth.

There are several different types – the right one for you will be determined in a comprehensive consultation. Today, fixed bridges are the most common as they are a more secure, more permanent solution than a removable bridge.

An artificial tooth or teeth would be used to bridge the gap, and the fixed bridge would be attached to crowns on each side to provide stability and/or repair.

Functional Benefits

Your overall smile and jawbone health will be jeopardized if teeth that are damaged or missing are left untreated. Without the support of the tooth root, the underlying jawbone starts to weaken, teeth on either side start to shift or rotate, and your bite will be affected. You can achieve and keep up excellent oral health with the use of a bridge.

Cosmetic Benefits

Broken or missing teeth are simply not a good look, and they can negatively affect how you and others see you. You’ll feel more self-assured and able to grin your best after having a bridge installed, restoring your smile.

With a bridge, you may regain control over your oral health and brighten your smile. If you would like to ask any queries or schedule a consultation with your Belleville dentist, Dr. Yakowicz, at Neighborhood Smiles give us a call today at (608) 424-3222.